Onda has established itself as the global leader in ultrasound measurement instrumentation and services. Our products and services are used to characterize acoustic intensity and power from the most complex devices in the medical ultrasonic and industrial fields. 

Trusted and Celebrated
Onda Celebrates the Big 3-0
Despite trying times with the emergence of COVID-19, the team at Onda is confident the Company was built to last and will persist for another 30 years.

Focused on solving the most difficult ultrasound challenges, customers agree that Onda is the company to trust.
Recognized Leader
Onda Profiled in Top 10 Ultrasound Suppliers by Medtech Outlook
“We’ve often seen that lack of good measurements at every part of the product life cycle can lead to unexpected problems, either in terms of product quality or lost time to market.”

Company Profile
Onda is the global leader in ultrasound measurement instrumentation
Onda has served over 1,000 unique customers in over 35 countries representing Fortune 10 companies, government research centers, and the most prominent universities.
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