AIMS III Hydrophone Scanning System

The AIMS III is the latest generation hydrophone scanning system that offers enhanced measurement productivity to characterize your acoustic fields. The system combines an accurate positioning system, Soniq software, an EMDS motion controller, digital oscilloscope, and an Onda hydrophone to provide the most complete acoustic measurement solution.  

Key Features and Benefits
  • Automated hydrophone scanning system offered with 3 or 5-axis motion in two tank sizes to support a wide range of configurations.
  • Turnkey system for easy set-up, scanning, analysis, and reporting
  • Seamless integration with Onda hydrophones, water conditioner, and PCS check source.
  • Advanced Soniq software to manage measurement recipes, data computation, regulatory output tables, and external control (.dll).
  • High productivity with automatic compensation of temperature and hydrophone calibration and SmartSCAN for high throughput.
  • Includes maintenance and mounting kits for hydrophones and transducers.
The AIMS III offers the right balance between versatility and easy-to-use operations to meet the most advanced requirements in R&D characterization, regulatory testing, and production QC. The system is commonly used to characterize and validate transducer designs. Features such as the 5 axis motion, various firing/measuring orientations, and real-time plotting make it the tool of choice to meet the most stringent environments. The AIMS platform has also established itself as the premier instrument in the regulatory community. The system allows for automatic reporting compliant with standards for diagnostic equipment (AIUM-NEMA UD-2/UD-3 and IEC 60601-2- 37, 61217-1, and 62359) as well as for physiotherapy ( US 21 CFR1050.10 and IEC 60601- 2-5 and 61689).
  • Acrylic tank with water circulation connections
  • Large viewing area
  • Compatible with AQUAS water conditioner
  • Inside Dimensions:
    Small: 0.73 m X 0.36 m X 0.44 m
    Large: 0.89 m X 0.51 m X 0.58 m
  • Positioning repeatability: < 5 μm
  • X, Y, Z step size: 5.5 μm
  • Rotary step size: 0.025 °
  • Max speed: 11 mm per second
  • Travel range (with standard HW fixtures):
    Small: 380 mm x 265 mm x 330 mm vertical
    Large: 575 mm x 425 mm x 495 mm vertical
  • 3-axis scanning (standard); 2-rotational axis (optional)
  • Temperature Probe, 3 meter cable with USB connection
Soniq Software:
  • Mapping of acoustic fields in 1, 2, or 3D
  • Acquisition of waveform data for analysis
  • Real-time plotting of data acquisition
  • Over 100 calculated parameters including Prms, Pii, Ispta, TI, and MI.
  • Compliant with AIUM-NEMA and IEC standards.
  • Waveform deconvolution
  • Automatic temperature measurements
Recommended PC Requirements:
  • PC: Windows 10 (64 bit), Intel Core i3, dual core 3.7 GHz, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB HD, DVD drive, 7 available USB ports
  • Software:
    Required: Adobe Reader, PicoScope.
    Optional: Microsoft Excel and web browser.
  • Support for PicoScope 5244A

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