HGL-series Golden Lipstick Hydrophone

The HGL hydrophone has been established as a workhorse for diagnostic level measurements, providing the best mix of frequency response, reflection profile, and aperture size.

Key Features and Benefits
  • High sensitivity
  • Small effective aperture
  • Broadband
  • Solid construction
  • Flawless integration with AH and AG preamplifiers
  • Flat (+/-3dB) 250 kHz to >> 20 MHz *

* Use of the AG-20X0 preamplifier is required to maintain +/- 3 dB range from 20 to 40 MHz for the HGL-0085 and HGL-0200. For measurements above 40 MHz, the AH-20X0 preamplifier is advised.

The HGL Series hydrophones were designed to meet or exceed recommendations of section 3.3.2 of the AIUM Acoustic Output Measurement Standard (May 1998). They have an exceptionally flat sensitivity in a small and sturdy package. These hydrophones are excellent in-house standards for ultrasonic acoustic intensity measurements, and for general purpose field mapping
Frequency range (±3dB)0.25 to 40 MHz0.25 to 20 MHz
Electrode aperture85 μm200 μm400 μm
* EOC Nominal Sensitivity [dB re 1V/μPa]-278-266-251
* EOC Nominal Sensitivity [nV/Pa]1350282
Acceptance angle (-6dB at 5 MHz)>150°100°30°
Capacitance30 pF
Max. Operating Temperature50 °C

* EOC ("end of cable") is the open-circuit output sensitivity of the hydrophone. Calibration with an amplifier can be determined from the gain and input impedance of the amplifier. Provided with traceable calibration 1-20 MHz at 50 KHz intervals.

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