A wide range of products and services to acoustically test imaging and doppler transducers to ensure safety and efficacy
  • Products for R&D, regulatory, and manufacturing QC
  • Hydrophones, scanning tanks, radiation force balance, reference sources
  • Relevant Standards: IEC 60601-2-37, 62359, 61689 and 62127-1
The growing adoption of focused ultrasound to treat tissue non-invasively with thermal or mechanical energy requires robust measurements to ensure safety and efficacy.
  • Main ultrasound applications include: non-thermal, histotripsy, hyperthermia, and thermal ablation
  • Clinical applications for drug delivery, tissue ablation, neuro-modulation, among others
  • Relevant Standards: IEC 62555, IEC 60601-2-62, TS 62556.

Employing ultrasound to improve blood circulation is an established technique, particularly in sports medicine to treat muscle and ligament injuries. Unlike diagnostic ultrasound imaging, the total acoustic power is sufficient to cause a low level of tissue heating making it vital to accurately control the acoustic output.
  • Automated hydrophone measurements to automatically report data that conform with regulatory requirements.
  • Relevant standards: IEC 61689, FDA 1050.1

Solutions also available for industrial applications, including non-destructive testing, precision cleaning, sono-processing, and wire bonding.

Characterization of a HIFU

Characterization of a HIFU

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