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Measurement Services

Onda Corporation has extensive capability for supporting regulatory, exploratory, and certification measurement needs. These testing services are available under strict confidentiality and are traceable to national laboratories. Our test facilities include our in-house OptiSon® Analyzer, a 3-axis scanning system, calibrated hydrophones, laser vibrometers, and a full compliment of all necessary electronic equipment.

Regulatory Measurements

We provide general guidance, reporting, and measurements services for regulatory measurements in accordance with the IEC 60601 series standards. Specifically,

We also carry out measurements to the following standards:

Drop-in Measurement Services

Onda Corporation also provides the opportunity for our customers to make exploratory measurements at our facility in California. By pre-arrangement, customers may bring their equipment, observe and guide measurements at Onda Corporation. All measurements are performed at our facility by PhD-level staff. Please contact us for details.

Evaluation, Re-calibration and Re-certification Services

We offer a certification and calibration service that ensures your measurement instrument is operating as it should. For Onda hydrophones, we ask that you complete a questionnaire as a starting point and return it to us for review. Upon receiving the device, we will evaluate it and share the results with you. If it is found to not be operating properly, we will consult with you on your options. We recommend that hydrophones be re-calibrated annually. We can often calibrate hydrophones produced by other manufacturers as well. Please contact us for further details.

Similarly, your RFB and PCS device can be evaluated. If the device is in good condition we proceed to calibrate and certify the device is operating normally. We recommend the PCS-1000 be re-calibrated annually and the RFB-2000™ be re-calibrated once every two years.

For more details about returns and evaluations, please see our warranty policy.

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