Putting Confidence in Ultrasound


Custom transducer designs



Custom processing of piezoceramics


Doppler probe (vascular access)


Cross section of HIFU transducer (subcutaneous)


Custom transducer

Custom materials testing

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Custom Development with Onda

Onda can assist you in converting your ideas into proven solutions. We bring years of experience in acoustic and transducer development from concept definition, to evaluating the feasibility of a technology, to prototyping for proof of concept. We recognize how critical it is to get it right the first time and avoid costly re-designs. Our designs are made with manufacturability and regulatory requirements in mind.

We have experience developing devices for various applications including:

Our design capability is backed by a fully equipped machine shop with advanced CNC tooling, a complete digital electronics laboratory, finite element analysis programs, and an acoustic measurement laboratory. Our facilities have been designed to offer the maximum flexibility needed in ultrasonic prototype development.

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