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Ceramic rings

customized processing of PZT and other ceramics

Ceramic disks

customized processing of PZT and other ceramics

Spherical ceramics

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Contract Manufacturing

Onda’s manufacturing services are unique since it is based on a solid understanding of the product design intricacies. While complying with FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), we also recognize the challenges in manufacturing new products where technical specifications are still in its infancy. Our team of technicians has a balanced perspective supporting both R&D and manufacturing needs, which results in the right mix of high quality and productivity.

A number of devices have been successfully manufactured, many of which were designed and developed by Onda. Our manufacturing expertise range from full transducer assembly to component level processing.

Some applications include:

Onda also offers component level piezo-ceramics fabrication. A variety of shapes can be manufactured including toroids, discs, plates, and hemispheres at the tightest tolerances.

Our facility is backed by a fully equipped machine shop with advanced CNC tooling, a complete digital electronics laboratory, and an acoustic measurement laboratory.

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