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Acoustic Intensity Measurement System AIMS III photo


AIMS III Scanning Tank



AIMS 2D Plot


2-D XY Intensity Plot



AIMS 1D Z-scan


1-D Z Intensity Line Profile


Acoustic Intensity Measurement System

AIMS III with Soniq Software

AIMS III is the latest generation hydrophone scanning system that enhances acoustic measurement productivity to map acoustic fields in liquids.  User workflow is improved by productivity enhancements that save time in the measurement set-up, scanning, and reporting.  These enhancements are based on decades of scanning technology development.  Combined with Soniq Software, the user benefits from real-time plotting, automated FDA reporting, and improved positioning performance.  AIMS III continues to be the de facto standard scanning tank for hydrophone-based measurements. 


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Engineering/Product Development: Evaluate prototype transducers and excitation systems from measurements, such as:

Government Compliance Testing: Gather data needed for device compliance submittals. AIMS III allows for automatic reporting compliant with standards for diagnostic equipment (AIUM-NEMA UD-2/UD-3 and IEC 60601-2-37, 62127-1, and 62359) as well as for physiotherapy (US 21 CFR1050.10 and IEC 60601-2-5 and 61689).

Diagnostic Devices:

Therapeutic devices:

Production Testing

With data acquisition typically at 2 points per second, production line measurements are one common application for this system. Built-in scripting allows automation of repetitive measurement tasks, pass/fail checks, and message-based control of programs written by the user.


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