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HIFU Phantoms

Now you can see what your transducer would do to human tissue in real time in 3D with crystal clear phantom gels!

The complexity of testing HIFU devices in animal tissue can be significantly reduced by using our proprietary recording gels. Phantom gels are crystal clear synthetic gels that produce lesions of the same position, size and shape as those produced in real tissue when ultrasonic power is applied to the gel. The lesions appear as white, three-dimensional solid profiles inside the clear gel and are stable for many weeks. The gels are shipped in clear plastic boxes with lids. The product is stable for several weeks at room temperature, and longer if refrigerated.

Here are some applications for our HIFU phantoms:

R&D Many ultrasonic transducer parameters such as transducer geometry, frequency and power profiles can be evaluated in a short amount of time without the problems caused by tissue variability. The progression of lesion growth, position, size and shape versus time can be recorded and evaluated.

Manufacturing Phantom gels can detect many defects in HIFU systems such as beam shape variations and alignment problems.

Transducer Performance Evaluation and Protocol Development For any medical procedure it is critical to detect even subtle changes in HIFU and other ultrasonic system performance before and after the procedure. One can use phantom gels to confirm ultrasonic system, system protocol, and detector feedback loop performance.

Training The use of these clear phantom gels in training can dramatically improve system operator performance by providing immediate visual feedback. Watching the lesion grow as power is applied is not possible using living tissue.

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