Putting Confidence in Ultrasound

HCT Cleaning Tank HydrophoneCleaning Tank Hydrophone with Acoustic Meter
(HCT-series, MCT-1010)






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NPL CaviMeter and CaviSensor

A Novel Instrument to Characterize the Acoustic Cavitation

The CaviMeterTM was developed by the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) to characterize the acoustic emissions generated by cavitation, or the growth, contraction, and collapse of micro-bubbles (or cavities) within a liquid media in response to a driving ultrasonic field.  The energy from the implosion of a cavity is sufficient to overcome particle adhesion forces and hence is used for ultrasonic cleaning and other sonoprocessing applications.  Excessive cavitation energy can also damage the surface of a substrate, which is why a measurement instrument such as the CaviMeterTM is essential to develop and control a process window.



CaviSensor Schematic

Schematic representation of the CaviSensor operations measuring both the level of direct field and cavitation.


Measurement Setup

Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank Hydrophone Setup


For more information about the CaviMeterTM, please download the product datasheet.

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