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Onda headquarters, Sunnyvale California


Onda Company History

The company was originally founded in 1990, as Intec Research, by Dr. Claudio Zanelli as a consulting, research and development organization dedicated to helping companies develop new products, solve difficult technical problems and achieve business success. Intec has worked in partnership with its clients to provide ultrasound and optics design, sensors and product testing, manufacturing and related consulting services.

As a technical capital provider for startups in ultrasound related applications, Intec grew alongside its clients and is being recognized for its ultrasonic expertise, system prototyping, and innovation in ultrasonic testing such as its schlieren testing systems.

Specialty Engineering Associates (SEA) was brought to prominence in the field of ultrasonics by the late Dr. Alan Selfridge, a highly prolific and creative mind, who gave the world many innovative devices. Under Dr. Selfridge's leadership and Peter Goetz' direction, S.E.A. has been acclaimed for its capabilities in design & customized manufacturing of piezoceramics and transducers.

In August 2002, Intec purchased the assets of Specialty Engineering Associates and changed the name of the joint group to Onda Corporation. In Spanish, Onda means “wave”. The strength of this company is built off a deep understanding of wave physics.

Onda's goals include providing clients with a one stop solution for their product development needs by offering a most complete line of measurement instruments, test services, customer development, and contract manufacturing.

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