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Transaxial planar scan of a physiotherapy probe driven at 1 MHz

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Physiotherapy Ultrasound Applications

Employing ultrasound for physiotherapy is an established technique that has received interest, particularly in sports medicine to treat muscle and ligament injuries. Unlike diagnostic ultrasound imaging, the total acoustic power is sufficient to cause a low level of tissue heating, so it is particularly vital for patient health that the ultrasound field be accurately controlled to ensure that tissue is not overheated. Regulations (IEC 61689 and FDA 1050.1) require measurement of the effective radiating area and the beam non-uniformity ratio. Built-in protocols developed in the AIMS system enable automatic measurements to satisfy both the IEC and FDA regulations. The AIMS reports output parameters, such as ERA and BNR, along with other parameters required for regulatory purposes.

For simple, easy-to-use, accurate total power measurements, the RFB-2000™ can be used. This is the only radiation force balance on the market that controls both the measurement system and the acoustic source to enable automated measurements. This makes the device suitable for power measurements within a production environment and for applications that require extended averaging.

The typical hydrophone of choice for measurements in physiotherapy level ultrasound fields is an HNP combined with an AH2010 preamplifier to offer good frequency response and directivity.

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