Putting Confidence in Ultrasound

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Ultrasound Applications Overview

Ultrasound Applications Therapeutic drug delivery applicationsDiagnostic ultrasound endoscopy applicationsPhysiotherapy applicationsTherapeutic lithrotripsy applicationsTherapeutic atrial fibrillation applications Therapeutic ultrasound applications Therapeutic ultrasound applications Therapeutic Body Sculpting Physiotherapy applications Therapeutic Physiotherapy applications Physiotherapy bone healing applications Therapeuticthrombolysis applications Diagnostic ultrasound sonography applications Diagnostic ultrasound blood flow applications

Onda’s strength in acoustics has enabled the Company to establish itself as the de facto standard in ultrasound testing for diagnostic, therapeutic, and physiotherapy devices. We have successfully developed strong relationships with a list of commercial device manufacturers, both large and small, and are also closely tied to the regulatory community. In fact, Onda sits on the IEC committee to review current standards as well as steer future regulatory requirements. This unique position results in a deep understanding of the adversities in releasing medical ultrasound devices to market.

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