Putting Confidence in Ultrasound


Transaxial Planar Scan of catheter type diagnostic imaging probe driven at 38 MHz


Transaxial planar scan of a probe for breast cancer detection driven at 7.5 MHz

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Diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging

Diagnostic ultrasound imaging is well established in medicine in applications such as fetal imaging, genecology and cardiac imaging to name but a few. There has been much innovation in recent years with more sophisticated systems and the emergence of catheter devices operating at very high frequencies. Each application of diagnostic ultrasound brings its’ own set of measurement challenges and it can be difficult to wade through the regulatory requirements that need to be met. User-friendly measurement systems are often the lifeline of ultrasound companies to put confidence in the safety of their products. Researchers must balance the trade-offs between depth of penetration and spatial resolution with the possibility of mechanically or thermally damaging normal tissue. The beam shape should also be known and its effect on image quality must be assessed.

Whether you are carrying out research in a university or in an R&D department or are carrying quality assurance on a product, Onda Corporation has a product that will suit you needs. Real-time visualization of the beam can be achieved using the OptiSon Schlieren system for qualitative analysis. Quantitative analysis of an acoustic field can be achieved with the AIMS system in combination with a hydrophone. This system is vital for measurement reporting to regulatory standards, such as the FDA documents, UD2 and UD3 and the IEC standards, 60601-2-37, 62359, 61689 and 62127-1. For simple, easy-to-use, accurate total power measurements, the RFB-2000™ can be used. Both the measurement system and the drive system of the ultrasound are controlled via software to allow automated measurements to be carried out. This makes the device suitable for power measurements within a production line.

Regulations require that the water in which reported acoustic measurements are made be well filtered and degassed. Building such a system can use much engineering resources. The MECS water conditioner is a system designed to reduce the levels of O2 in the water to below 4 ppm and to filter the water to achieve conductivity levels well below the regulatory requirement of the 5 µS.

For measurements of diagnostic ultrasound imaging systems Onda’s backed and unbacked membrane hydrophones are essential to ensure high image quality. They have a very flat frequency response and the design has been shown to be very stable over many years. Onda’s HM hydrophones are the only mono-laminar PVDF membrane hydrophones on the market today. Bilaminar designs have a poorer high-frequency response - because the thicker layers and interfaces lower the resonant frequency of the hydrophone - and a poorer reliability - since the layers are more likely to delaminate – so, Onda’s HM membrane is a superior membrane hydrophone. And because of the mono-laminar design, it has a lower cost than its competitors.

For measurements of Doppler ultrasound, a needle hydrophone is required since these hydrophones have a lower reflectivity than a membrane hydrophone to prevent the formation of standing waves. Onda Corporation has a full range of needle hydrophone to choose from. For measurements with Doppler ultrasound, we recommend a HNP hydrophone with an AH2010 preamplifier. This hydrophone/preamplifier combination has a good frequency response and directivity.

For laboratories that support a broad range of applications, the HGL-series offers the best mix of attributes and can serve as a general purpose hydrophone. Onda Corporation recommends the HGL hydrophone and the AG2010 preamplifier. This unique design is suitable for use in both ultrasound imaging and the Doppler imaging and can be used to make measurements in accordance to regulatory standards.

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