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Hydrophone Handbook

          12. Glossary of Terms

      Term        Definition                                       Symbol  Units Reference
   Repetition    Time interval between equivalent points in        prp     s      www.electropedi
     Period      two successive pulses of the same shape                , 802-01-12
   Repetition    Point on or near a hydrophone about which         ---     --- 62127-3 3.13
     Period      its acoustic receiving sensitivity is defined     As
   Reference                                                       srp     cm²    www.electropedi
     Centre      For automatic scanning systems, area on a              , 802-01-21
                 specified plane consisting of all points at
   Scan Area     which the temporal-average intensity is                   s      www.electropedi
                 greater than a specified fraction of the               , 802-01-13
      Scan-      maximum value of the temporal-average
   Repetition    intensity in that plane
                 For automatic scanning systems with a
     Period      periodic scan sequence, time interval
    Spatial-     between equivalent points on two
Average Pulse-   successive frames, sectors or scans.
    Intensity    Pulse-average intensity averaged over the         Isapa   W/cm²  www.electropedi
    Spatial-     beam area                                              , 802-01-23
   Temporal-     Temporal-average intensity averaged over          Isata   mW/c www.electropedi
    Average      the scan-area or beam area as appropriate                   m², 802-01-24
 Spatial-Peak    Maximum value of the pulse-average                Isppa   W/cm²  www.electropedi
Pulse-Average    intensity in an acoustic field or in a specified       , 802-01-18
    Intensity    plane
   Temporal-     Maximum value of the temporal-average             Ispta   mW/c www.electropedi
    Average      intensity in an acoustic field or in a specified            m², 802-01-15
    Intensity    plane
   Temporal-                                                               mW/c www.electropedi
    Average      Time-average of the instantaneous intensity       Ita       m², 802-01-14
    Intensity    at a particular point in an acoustic field        ---
                 For automatic scanning systems, beam axis                 ---    www.electropedi
Ultrasonic Scan  for a particular ultrasonic beam Note –                , 802-01-22
       Line      Here, an ultrasonic scan line refers to the
                 path of acoustic pulses and not to a line on
                 an image on the display of a system


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