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Choosing a Hydrophone

Fiber Optic Hydrophones (HFO)
Optical fiber hydrophones are designed to uniquely support very
high intensity fields for applications such as HIFU and lithotripsy,
providing both acoustic pressure and temperature
measurements simultaneously. Whereas traditional
piezoelectric hydrophones are susceptible to damage, the HFO
based on the Fresnel Reflection principle, can withstand
acoustic pressures up to 500 MPa at wide bandwidths.

        Example Spectrum for 1.44 MHz HIFU Transducer
Hydrophones to Measure Cavitation (HCT)
HCT hydrophones are designed to measure acoustic fields in
harsh environments with cavitation. Piezoelectric sensors are
encapsulated in a protective Teflon material to ensure durability.
The useful frequency range support common frequencies used
for ultrasonic cleaning starting from 20 kHz and up.


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