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Hydrophone Handbook

         Choosing a Hydrophone

Membrane Hydrophones (HM)
For most pulsed wave imaging applications that require a flat
response over a broad bandwidth, membrane hydrophones are
the gold standard.

Needle Hydrophones (HN)
The ceramic-based HNC models have good sensitivity for their
size, but their frequency response is less flat. The polymer-
based HNP models have a smoother frequency response, with
about 10 dB less sensitivity for a given aperture relative to the
HNC. The HNR hydrophones are well suited for harsh
environments, but have a characteristic resonance at 2 MHz.
The HNA was designed to measure HIFU acoustic fields with a
flat response between 1 and 10 MHz. Needle hydrophones are
the best choice where a low reflection profile is critical.

Capsule or “Golden Lipstick” Hydrophones (HGL)
The HGL series hydrophones bridge the gap in performance and
ease of use between membrane and needle hydrophones. They
offer a flatter frequency response than needle hydrophones,
with a more convenient form factor than membranes.


Sensitivity [dB] re 1 V/µPa  -225


                                  -245        HGL-0200                    10  100
                                  -255        HNP-0200
                                  -265        HNC-0200
                                  -275        HNA-0400
                                  -285        HNR-0500
                                  -295        HMB-0500
                                                    0.1 1
                                                         Frequency [MHz]
                           0NDA Corporation
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