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Warranty Policy

Onda will supply a fix, patch, or workaround for a software
defect that prevents the customer from using the
product as defined by the specification. The customer needs to
report the defect in detail to Onda within the warranty
An example of Onda’s software version labeling is as follows:

Product Name  Standard Release – includes
              new feature enhancements

Soniq Version 5 . 1 . 7

 Major Release – represents     Build Release - updates
significant changes (e.g., OS)  to resolve defects

Customers are entitled to build releases (highlighted in blue
above) for the purchased software version at no charge
throughout the life of the product. Major and standard
releases are available for purchase.

Hydrophones & Accessories:
To resolve a hydrophone and/or preamplifier defect, the
customer may send the items to Onda for a free evaluation.
Items that are deemed defective due to problems with
materials or workmanship will be repaired or replaced will be
covered by Onda. Standard calibrations are replaced at no
charge. Non-standard calibrations will be replaced on a pro-
rated basis, based on the purchase date of the item. Items that
are deemed defective due to damage caused by the end user
after purchase will not be warranted. The inbound and
outbound freight and related shipment charges including
customs, taxes, tariffs, and insurance will be the responsibility
of the customer.


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