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Hydrophone Handbook

            5. Warranty Policy

 Thank you for trusting our products! Your measurement
 instrument is designed to put confidence in your ultrasound. To
 ensure your satisfaction, Onda is pleased to provide the
 warranty described below. Onda is committed to delivering the
 highest quality and service. If you have any questions, please
 contact us.

 Our Warranty
 Onda products are warranted against defects in material and
 workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of
 delivery. During the warranty period, Onda will, at its option,
 repair or replace the product or any components that prove to
 be defective. Repairs are warranted for the remainder of the
 original warranty or a 90 day extended warranty, whichever is
 There are no other written or oral representations or warranties,
 express or implied, of fitness or merchantability concerning the
 goods sold hereunder.

 Extended Warranty Options
 A one (1) year extended warranty plan is available for purchase
 during the original one-year limited warranty period, providing a
 total of two years of coverage. Onda may at its discretion allow
 the purchase of this plan after the one-year warranty period
 subject to the conditions of the measurement instrument.
 Please contact Onda to learn more.

 What Onda Will Do to Correct Problems
 Should your instrument prove defective during the limited
 warranty period, the corrective action will depend on the type of
 defect encountered. There are three primary types: (1) Software,
 (2) Hydrophones & Accessories, and (3) Instruments.


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